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Without nurses hospitals would not be able to function properly. Nurses are responsible for a very large portion of what goes on in a hospital which requires a lot of hard work and attention to detail. Not only that, but you are on your feet 8-12 hours a day and are always on the go. [&hellip

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Nursing can be very complicated yet extremely rewarding. Finding the right type of program to fit your current needs can be a struggle as well. Regardless of the type of nursing that you choose, you always be an asset to society. There are so many areas of nursing in which to work in that it [&hellip

Perseverance: The Key... Nurse in a room hospital

Becoming a nurse is not the easiest of tasks. If you decide to pursue nursing you have to be a determined individual with a lot of emotional maturity. It requires you to always be on your feet and to always be on the lookout. If you want to help others but are not sure what [&hellip

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There is no bigger blessing in the world than the miracle of life. Being a part of that process is truly a blessing in itself. If you had the opportunity to help bring new life into the world would you take it? Many individuals choose to become labor and delivery nurses for that reason. It [&hellip

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Regardless of the type of nurse you plan on becoming you are going to have to be on your feet quite a lot. You are going to want to wear comfortable shoes so you can make sure you survive the day. From occupational health nurse to pediatric nurse you are always going to be on [&hellip

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Becoming a nurse is not easy but when it is all said and done you are a healer for life. The training that you have to endure in the process of becoming a nurse can sometimes be overwhelming. It can also be overwhelming to find the area of nursing in which you want to study. [&hellip