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Making the decision of whether or not to have a firearm in your home is a powerful one, especially if you have kids. Home security is becoming more of an issue as crime rates escalate and families seek protection from home invasions. What may be even more important than that decision, is the decision to [&hellip

The Hunting Edge best-fishing-kayak

If you are going fishing, you may be looking for a great fishing kayak. If you are technology-savvy, you may also be looking for a high quality fish finder. If you haven’t gone fishing in a while, then you may not know where to find these great items. Keep reading if you are interested in [&hellip

Safe at Sea Sun Dolphin Kayak

Finding a good kayak can sometimes be tough especially when you are on a tight budget. Just because you do not have a lot of money to spend does not mean you should have to sacrifice quality and durability. If you do a little digging, you are sure to find one that suits your needs. [&hellip

The Best Tandem... Tandem Kayaks

Wouldn’t a giant, 10-inch fish finder look rather strange on a small rowboat? Or perhaps a kayak? As much as we could be tempted to fit the biggest possible fish finder on our kayaks or rowboats, it’s not always the best choice – it will usually get in the way! To get a better idea [&hellip

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The evolution of the inflatable kayak over the last ten years has been dramatic to say the least. No longer considered “water toys”, these boats have evolved into serious paddling machines. From whitewater to sea kayaking, inflatable kayaks have become much better at their intended purpose, rivaling hard shell boats in performance. Some whitewater boats [&hellip

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Kayak fishing is a sport that is exploding in popularity.  People who try it once are many times hooked, and soon find themselves shopping for a fishing kayak at the sporting goods stores.  What is the draw towards this kind of fishing?  There are numerous reasons, but the most popular ones are affordability, exercise, the [&hellip