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Recently, there have been different types of fitness trackers. In most cases, these fitness trackers are electronic. Unlike earlier, they are, nowadays, worn on wrists to track numerous activities within our body. For instance, these devices are able to track sleep, detect inactivity, and detect general physical human activities. To explain further, these activities include [&hellip

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Yoga is a great way to gain spiritual enlightenment. Helping you to cleanse your mind, body and spirit through various forms of exercise routines. And having the right yoga mat does make a big difference. Such as, those with non slip surfaces. Available in a wide variety of textures which help you to meditate in [&hellip

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Good looking helmets and their safety. Motorcyclists everywhere will tell you that there is a difference in every helmet that they have used in their cycling activities. A helmet helps to keep you safe while cycling and also protect you from all the wind when riding at a high speed. There are different kinds of [&hellip

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You might be looking at going the organic way when it comes to buying vegetables but that’s not the only thing you should be looking at. Sure, organic turmeric is the first thing that you should be looking at – it grows without dependence on any artificial pesticides and manure and is much healthier than [&hellip

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  Athlete’s foot is a fungi infection that thrives in moist, warm, and damp environments. This skin condition is prevalent in people as it is contagious. This disease is not a severe ailment; however, it is known to spread across the body quickly. It is not easy to ignore it as it causes acute discomfort. [&hellip

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Quality pays, especially when it comes to different sports apparels like shoes and clothes. That means you need to shell out a bit more to get quality sportswear when you go in the court or to the great outdoors. It is easy to ignore quality in the face of too many cute types of sports [&hellip

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The health benefits of white tea go way beyond what most tea drinkers believe to be true. Even though almost all tea is good for you, white tea is the healthiest tea that you can drink. White tea provides relief to diabetic people from symptoms such as decrease plasma glucose levels, increase insulin secretion and [&hellip

The Sweet Wars The Sweet Wars

Peanut butter contains saturated fat and sodium; so how can it be considered a healthy food? That’s what a reader recently asked the Harvard Heart Letter. It’s a good question that gets to the heart of choosing foods that are good for health. Dr. Walter C. Willett, a nationally known nutrition expert and a member [&hellip

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The health benefits of peanut butter for children include good supply of protein for body development, good supply of essential fats for brain development, supply of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and supply of resveratrol which is good for the immune system. Peanut butter, a breakfast spread is so popular that it is almost a household [&hellip

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It may seem like skipping a meal would help you lose weight, but it turns out the opposite is true. Eating breakfast actually helps with weight loss and long-term weight management. The National Weight Control Registry, which tracks people who have maintained weight loss of at least 30 pounds for more than a year, reported [&hellip