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A TV media box, particularly the Android type, is very much the rage right now, and rightfully so. Imagine a small box that allows you to use your TV as you would your tablet or smartphone that runs on an Android operating system (OS). Yes, that’s what a TV media box can do for your TV – it gives your TV computer-like functionality.

You can find out more about TV media boxes here and you’ll see that there are actually different brands of it. However, inasmuch as different manufacturers make these, all run on the Android OS. Hence, if you connect the box to your Internet modem and your TV, you can start loading and installing various software, programs, games, and apps into your TV and use it as a large computer monitor, so to speak.

Of course, using a media box makes it all much easier to stream video content from sites like Netflix and YouTube straight to your TV. That definitely makes for an awesome TV/movie-viewing experience. Below are other benefits to be had from using a TV media box.

Games as Big as They Get

Do you enjoy playing games on your Android device? Imagine playing those games on your TV. Think of slugging it out in a battle for “Mobile Legends” or going into attack mode for “Clash of Clans”. Wouldn’t it be a thrilling experience to play these games using your TV as a “screen”?

Features Left and Right

The Android TV box features 1080p high definition video playback. It also supports flash and allows Internet browsing. You also have access to 500,000 (and even more) Android-supported games and apps. You can’t do those things on an ordinary TV set.

Entertainment at its Finest

Do you love watching movies or following TV series like “Game of Thrones”, “Stranger Things”, and others? With the Android TV box, you can take your viewing experience to a whole different level. You no longer have to stream movies or TV series on your tablet or desktop computer. The box allows you to stream your favorite movies, videos, and series directly from the source to your TV. You just need an HDMI-compatible TV and your trusty Internet connection to experience entertainment at its finest, right at your fingertips, and straight from the comfort of your own home.

Browsing on the TV

With the Android TV box, you don’t just surf TV channels; you also get to surf the Internet. Imagine logging in to your Facebook account through your TV. You can also see what’s going on over Twitter by installing the app. Now that’s how you conveniently surf the Internet from the TV.

Setting up the TV box is practically a no-brainer. Just plug it into a power source, connect it to your TV on one end, and connect the other end to your Internet modem. You can even movie pictures, videos, movies, and other files from your computer to the TV and vice versa using a USB or via Bluetooth. So if you want the ultimate entertainment experience, get a TV media box now.