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Crossbows are quite fun to use, but you can only get the best experience if you are using the right bolts. There are different crossbow bolts available on the market for one to choose from, but when it comes to a beginner, it can be frustrating to find the right bolt to use with Armadyl. So, to make your buying process easy and ensure that you get the right Armadyl crossbow bolts, here are some essential tips to guide you.


For the crossbow to function well, you have to make sure that you equip the right bolts that will fit comfortably on the device, Therefore, when you head to the dealer to buy bolts for your Armadyl, make sure to carry your crossbow to help you choose the right bolts that are compatible to with the bow. Alternatively, ask for help from the dealer on the correct bolts to fit on your bow.

The materials

Some of the factors to consider when choosing the bolts based on the material are durability and the function. You don’t need a bolt that you can only use during the summer or even last you for a month before it gets broken. Therefore, make sure the material used in manufacturing the bolts are durable and made of weather resistant materials to withstand different weather changes and it should be strong enough to last you for many years to come. The best bolts are made with bronze since it is durable and gives a better shot as opposed to other materials.

The weight

Did you know that the weight of the bolt matters regarding the functioning and even giving a good shoot? Well, the heavier the bolt is, the larger the distance it will cover and also provide an excellent and accurate shooter. This is because the heavy bolts can withstand heavy winds when it is flying thus reaching the shooting point with ease. Also, heavy bolts can operate in a straight form hence giving the above-listed results. If you are hunting the big animals in the forest, heavy bolts would be perfect for your hunting activities since they are in a better position to penetrate the animal as opposed to the light ones. But make sure that the weight of the bolt is equivalent to the fixing point on the crossbow.

The speeds

The speed that the bolt shoots at is crucial since it helps in determining the results you will get form your hunting activities. If you are a professional hunter, it is essential you choose bolts that move at high speed such that even when you shot from a distance, the arrow will move fast to the animals. The recommended speeds, especially for hunters, range from 300 to 400 fps.


If you are looking forward to becoming a professional hunter and you require bolts for your Armadyl crossbow, use the above tips to help you choose the right bolts that will match with your crossbow and give you excellent results in the shooting. You can also seek help from an experienced hunter on the best bolts to choose for your crossbow.