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Coffee always contributes towards a positive start to your day. But have you wondered how many times you must wash your coffee maker to maintain the right amount of hygiene? Making coffee every day leaves the debris and leftovers on the machine that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. See much more here:


The Top Tips to Clean Your Coffee Maker

Here are some of the tips to ensure that you can get the most out of your coffee maker.

  • Wash it thoroughly once every couple of weeks, if you are using it daily.
  • Clean it after every use so as to ensure that the coffee smell goes away.
  • While cleaning, ensure that you unplug it, and remove the wires.
  • Some coffee makers have an indicator to tell you if it’s time to clean them.
  • If not, you must clean your coffee machine at least once a month if not every two weeks. It would be ideal to keep your coffee machine clean and hygienic.
  • It would be ideal to keep your coffee machine clean and hygienic.

It is a great idea to keep your coffee machine clean and hygienic – you wouldn’t want to smell the coffee from last time, would you?

How Do You Clean Your Coffee Maker?

However, if you don’t use a water softener and have hard water in your home, then you must clean it more frequently. You must make it a ritual to clean the coffee maker from time to time. You might think of it as a hassle but here are some of the easy ways of keeping your coffee machine clean:

Use Vinegar

You can use vinegar to clean your coffee maker. Fill the coffee pot with vinegar and water in 50-50 proportion and run them through the machines. After one round, repeat it twice with clean water, and your coffee maker will be fresh and new again.

Use Dishwasher

You can take the pot and other separable parts of the coffee maker and put them in the dishwasher to clean them. You can also choose to clean them separately with soap and water. Cleaning the parts separately makes sure that no debris is missed out in your cleaning process.

Use cleaning agents

There are many cleaning agents in the market that you can use in order to clean the dishwasher. But vinegar also does a great job so you can choose between either of the two.

No matter what method you use, but cleaning your coffee maker is of utmost importance because of a lot of sediments from water and coffee. Keep cleaning it regularly for the long life of your machine. It will also ensure that you get the perfect taste of your coffee that is brewed in a perfectly clean machine.